Saturday, November 24, 2012

Little Man

My kids have never had their hair cut at a salon.  Vivienne has basically never had her hair cut at all (except for a few bang trims early on).  I have cut Miles' hair for quite some time now. 

I started cutting Jason's hair a few years, and I found it to be pretty easy to trim.  He hasn't been to a real barber or salon in years.  But Miles has beautiful, shiny, straight, thick hair - a very different texture from his dad's hair.  I really love his hair.  I don't always do a great cut, but it has never been too embarrassingly awful.

Let's just say this last cut was a bit rough.

Ok, so it was REALLY rough.

Well, with a little help from Elmo and his sister by his side, I gave Miles his first short haircut.

Looking more like his handsome daddy every day.  Love you, buddy.


  1. Wow, that looks great! Austin still barely has any hair, but the little that he has is starting to look like a bad toupee. I'm thinking that he has a date with the kitchen scissors soon as well...

  2. Wow that looks awesome! You did an amazing job. I would have panicked and been so afraid to keep going shorter. It looks like a salon cut! And he looks so big!