Sunday, February 10, 2013

Beginning Potty Training

We have slowly begun to potty train Miles and Vivienne.  For a while now, we have had a couple of little potties in the downstairs bathroom.  The kids mainly just dragged them into the family room to play with them.  I know it sounds gross, but they had never really been used before.

Suddenly, Vivienne showed real interest in using the potties.  I started asking her if she wanted to use it, and she said that she did.  She has had a few days where she only wet her diaper during her naps, but most days she just uses it a handful of times.  Miles has just recently started using it a couple of times per day, too.  Each time they use it, they get a Skittle.  That seems to be a good incentive for them, but often they will refuse to use the potty for some reason.  I don't push it, because I feel that we should just wait for them to be ready for these types of things - makes it less painful for them and for us.  I know that they will be using the potty before they turn 18, so it will all work out in time.

We're hoping that they slowly start using the potty more and more, and we're looking forward to the day when we only have one child in cloth diapers (or even NO children in diapers, but that seems so far away).  In the meantime, I really don't mind washing them that much.  Using cloth diapers has been very manageable for us, and I'm so glad that we do it (for cost savings and the environment).

So we're making baby steps toward potty training.  No pun intended.

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