Friday, February 15, 2013

Sing-Alongs and Dance Parties

This family loves music.  I am thrilled to see that Miles and Vivienne seem to really enjoy music.  We get it in many forms - at library story times, watching TV (they especially love the Laurie Berkner Band video on Netflix), while we're driving in the van, and on Sunday mornings at church.

The kids are good singers (for two-year-olds), and they often know all the words and have fairly good pitch.  Miles seems to have a particular love for dancing and singing.  Tonight, before bed, Jason and Grandma and Grandad and I were singing songs to the kids.  Miles loves to make special requests and have us all sing along with him. 

We also love to dance.  We often go to library story times at least once a week, and the kids love it.  Miles has learned all the hand motions and hip shakes and will often perform them exactly on cue with the songs.  And he doesn't just do the motions - he does them with lots and lots of enthusiasm and a huge grin on his face.

Dancing has become a frequent way for the family to blow off some steam and get our extra energy (also known as "shaking one's sillies out").  It is not uncommon to see us dancing along to the Laurie Berkner Band in the family room or having a dance party in the play room to the music on the computer (Call Me Maybe is a current favorite).  The kids also love it when I play their favorite songs in the van, and we all bee-bop along, bobbing our heads and waving our arms in the air.  I'm sure other drivers think I have lost my mind, but it's worth it to see the huge smiles on the kids faces.

Luckily, Evelyn isn't old enough yet to be embarrassed by all of this.

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