Sunday, February 10, 2013


I'm not sure where the kids first played hide-and-seek.  I think it was probably here at home with Daddy, but it could have been at their grandparents' house.

A note from Daddy: We first played hide-n-seek at home with Daddy.  It started as a game where the kids were running into the family room and I would jump out from behind the chair and surprise them.  It was a lot of fun watching them squeal with delight, turn around, run into the kitchen, turn around and run back into the family room to be "surprised" again.  One time I hid around the corner just before they came running into the family room.  They were a little confused why I wasn't there to greet them.  After a few seconds, I jumped out and surprised them.  They LOVED it and wanted more.  As the game evolved, I would hide farther and farther away from the original surprise spot.  Soon it turned into a full fledged game of hide-n-seek.  And they have been requesting it regularly ever since.

Lately, this is one of their favorite games, and I have to say that we think it is adorable.  They love to count, hide and try to find one another (and us).  Lately, Vivienne loves for Mommy or Daddy to hide with her while Miles does the counting and seeking.  Luckily, Miles is eager to oblige.  I guess that's one of the greatest benefits of having a twin - at least as a young child - that you have a built-in playmate with you all the time.

The "hiders" aren't incredibly discreet.  Vivienne will yell, "I'm over HERE!" while she is hiding.  Needless to say, this reveals her hiding spots rather quickly. 

We're loving that they are at an age where we can play simple games with them.  It's an incredible joy to hear them giggle and watch their little heads bobbing as they run.  We're halfway through them, but I don't think the two's are so terrible.

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  1. I love the obvious shouting of hiding spots. So fun to watch them enjoy playing together.