Sunday, May 12, 2013

Big Kid Beds

It has been a gradual (though quick) progression, but last night Miles and Vivienne both spent the night in their big kid beds.  Right now, we have the "blue" room with a twin bed and a trundle underneath and a crib in it.  Up to this point, that has been Evelyn's room and we have used the twin for a guest bed.  Miles and Vivienne have slept in their cribs in the nursery for almost 3 years.

Vivienne climbed out of her crib only once before, but then the kids just stayed in their cribs.  They very, very clearly had the capacity to climb out of them, but they just never did.  (Kids, THANK YOU SO MUCH for staying in your cribs for so long.  Mommy loves you a little more just for that.)  But a little over a week ago, Miles climbed out of his crib and came downstairs during his nap.  Then he climbed out of his pack n play.  I knew it was time to make the switch.

In the former "exercise" room, we have now put a twin bed (that used to belong to my brother when he was a little boy).  The day that Miles climbed out of all his containment devices (crib and pack n play), I tried napping him in his big boy bed.  He even spent the night in there a couple of times, but then started asking for his crib again (I think mostly because he missed being with his sister at night).

Last night, Vivienne said she wanted to sleep in her "big bed."  So we put her in the blue room on the twin bed and put Miles in the exercise room on Uncle Brian's bed.  After a few post-bedtime shuffles, we ended up with Miles on the trundle beside Vivienne on the twin bed.  I would have loved to have gotten a photo of them sleeping together in their big beds, but that room is very dark and we didn't want to risk a flash waking them up (especially after it took them an hour and a half to fall asleep).  Evelyn slept in the nursery (the room with the two cribs that the twins used to sleep in).

Right now, Vivienne and Evelyn are asleep in the blue room together for their nap and Miles is on his big boy bed in his room.  I just went around and snapped these photos with my phone.

I have so much to be thankful for this Mother's Day.

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  1. This transition was by far the hardest we've had! I hope it keeps going pretty well.