Sunday, May 26, 2013

We Have a Crawler!

It's official.  We have a crawler now.  Evelyn has become the master roller over the past few months.  Once she perfected her pivot, she could pretty much roll to any spot she desired, besides going up stairs. 

On Saturday morning, we saw her first really clear crawl (a couple of crawl "steps" back to back).  By Saturday afternoon, she was crawling 4 or 5 feet to a new toy or the basket of books (real deal, up on the hands and knees crawling). 

I am both excited about this new development and nervous.  Up to this point, I could center her in the room with some toys and I knew that she wasn't going to go too incredibly far.  This allowed me to get ready quickly in the morning or do quick chores in another room without having to watch her like a hawk.  Now I may have lost some of that freedom, but it's worth it for her to have more freedom herself. 


  1. Yay Evelyn! Yeah, pros and cons. Knowing where they were before they could crawl sure was a big help though, no doubt.

  2. I am pretty sure both of our kids learned to crawl at the NC beaches.