Friday, May 17, 2013

Summer is Here!

Yesterday, we took our first trip to the neighborhood pool.  This was Evelyn's first time in a swimming pool, but she really seemed to enjoy floating around in her float.  The water was very, very cold, so we didn't stay long.  Miles and Vivienne were initially somewhat wary of the water and nervous.  But within about 5 minutes, they had warmed up and were swimming all over the pool and jumping in from the sides.  We were glad to see them find comfort in the water so quickly.  Right now, we still have them using puddle jumpers, but we're hoping to have them out of them by the end of the summer.  It is hard for me when I don't have lots of extra hands, because I want to keep a very close eye on the kids if they aren't using flotation devices.

Miles' teeth were chattering almost from the beginning, because the water was so frigid.  But he still went into a deep state of mourning when we had to leave the pool.  We'll swim a lot more this year, Buddy.  Just you wait.

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