Friday, June 28, 2013

Evelyn is 11 Months!

Evelyn is now 11 months old.  She is a little ball of energetic cuteness.

Her most interesting recent development is certainly her crawling.  She is crawling very fast now, and she is into everything.  She loves to get into the trash can by the changing table and the bathroom.  We have her pretty well quarantined from major hazards, but she still manages to get herself into trouble every now and then.  She doesn't yet pull up to standing, but she seems eager to figure that out.  It may take a while yet.  Just recently, she starting stepping her feet a bit when we hold her up standing.  I don't see her walking anytime soon.

She has probably about 7 teeth now, though they aren't all poking all the way out.  She loves to show them off when she wrinkles her nose to give you a huge smile or belly laugh.  She has beautiful, dark skin and one heck of a baby tan.  The sun has also made her hair a little lighter in color, so there is less contrast between her skin and hair color now.  She's my little chocolate chip!

Evelyn eats pretty much everything.  She loves scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Her favorite foods are probably blueberries and strawberries, but she also has a special place in her heart for avocado.  She eats chili, curry, barbecue, roast beef, chicken, sweet potatoes, and almost any fruit.  We don't puree anything or spoon feed her much.  I also realized that she basically never wears a bib.  I guess I'm just too lazy for that kind of thing anymore.  With the warm summers here, we usually just strip all the kids down for dinners.  I guess you could say that we're our own little nudist colony.

She loves to chatter up a storm, and is particularly fond of squealing and just any kind of screaming in general.  There isn't much crying from her unless she is very tired or one of her siblings takes something from her.

Miles and Vivienne seem to love having a baby sister and interact with her a lot more these days.  They will read to her or hand her toys or make faces to make her laugh.  Miles sometimes gets frustrated when she is taking his train tracks apart or disassembling his lego creations, but he has more patience for her than I expected he would.

I can't believe that my next developmental update for Evelyn will be her first birthday.  July is going to be a big, big month for birthdays around here!

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