Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pig Racing and Blueberry Picking

We had a very southern Saturday here in North Carolina.  We started the day by taking the kids to the Farmer's Market to pick up our eggs (and if you know us,  you know we eat a lot of eggs around here - like about 8 or 9 a day).  After that, we headed to the Apex Pig Fest to watch some pig racing.

A great view from Daddy's shoulders

They also had duck and goat racing.

You can just sense the tension of the race in their eyes, can't you?

After the pig racing, we headed to a blueberry farm for some picking.  We picked an enormous bucket of blueberries, and the kids had a blast.  It was much easier than strawberry picking, because it was easier for the kids to tell which ones were ripe and it was much less muddy in between the rows.

While the rest of us picked, Evelyn rode along in the Ergo.  I would pick a few berries for the bucket and then stick one in her mouth.  This kept her quite content.  She was very serious about this picking business, as you can see from the photo.

Our little blueberries with their huge buckets of blueberries...

Miles insisted on carrying his bounty back to the car himself.

 This will make for lots of great snacking and some delicious blueberry crisp!

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  1. I missed this post and just came across it. That IS a very NC Saturday. I thought we ate a lot of eggs, but we can't hold a candle to your quantity!