Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blizzard 2014

A week or so ago, we got a very light dusting of snow.  The kids were disappointed that it wasn't enough to play in.  But last night was no disappointment.  We got a good couple inches of snow, which is just enough to have a little fun in without having to worry about the roads being too dangerous (because we don't have the equipment here to handle a heavy snowfall).

As soon as the kids woke up, they wanted to go outside.  We convinced them that it was worth at least eating breakfast first, and Mommy really wanted her coffee to warm up a bit.

We started out to our cul-de-sac, which was filled with snow.  Evelyn got cold quickly, because we don't have the proper attire to keep her warm, but Miles and Vivienne loved it.  They asked Jason to make snowballs over and over and over.  He would throw them high up in the air and they would come crashing down.

After a while of this, we headed inside to warm up a bit.  Stephanie, Chloe and Josh sent over some "snow cream" that they had made.  Jason and Vivienne shared most of this.

Then we headed out to Bond Park for some sledding with our neighbors and friends.  Apparently we weren't the only people with this idea.  There were probably 200-300 people there sledding today.  It was really fun to see the community having fun together, kids and adults alike.

Miles enjoyed the sledding the most.  Vivienne was too gun-shy after a "snow in the face" incident on her first run.  Miles could have stayed out there all day if it weren't so cold.

Our neighbors, Stephanie, Chloe and Josh, let us borrow their sleds for the fun.  

Back in the car, we had red noses and cheeks and some tired kiddos.

We dropped Jason off at home so that he could get some work done, and then we headed to Grandma's house (undeniably the kids' favorite place in the world).  We had lunch and hot cocoa and headed outside for more fun in her snowy yard.

We're hoping the snow sticks around for another day or two so that we can build some snowmen and have some more wintry fun.

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