Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Petite Picasso

In early December, we went to Marbles for some fun on a winter day.  We go to Marbles almost every week now, often meeting friends and sometimes just exploring on our own.  This particular day, they had an artist working with the kids.  Vivienne couldn't get her smock on fast enough!

Vivienne is always thrilled when a paint brush is involved.  Miles eventually also stopped by to put on a smock...

... but it only lasted about 2 minutes and he was off to the race car ramp.  Vivienne kept painting with the artists for about an hour until I had to pull her away (because our parking meter was running out).  She certainly has an artist's touch.

(It's a flamingo, by the way.  She told me.  Don't even pretend you can't see it clearly.)

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  1. Thank goodness she told you! Hard when they keep us in suspense.