Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Walking and Poop

Well, there have been quite a few hurdles passed over the past week or so in the Fox household.  First, about a week or so ago, Miles decided to finally poop in the potty.  I cannot express how enormously thankful I am that he is finally willing to poop in the potty instead of his pants.  He has been great with peeing in the potty, but there was just something about that poop.  He couldn't get past it (no pun intended).  But something clicked, and we have seen more poop in the potty than in his pants. 

Thank you, son.  Thank you.  Really... thank you.

I know it may sound silly, but this had been a huge issue.  I think it was affecting my relationship with him, because I would get so frustrated and impatient with him when he would have accidents in his pants (and even though I'm very familiar with washing cloth diapers, something about poop in underwear is much less bearable).  I'm glad we're finally getting past this or at least that I can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

In other news, Evelyn has finally decided to use walking as a mode of transportation!  About a week ago, we took her to a pediatric physical therapist.  They said that she didn't have any obvious physical issues and that she just needed more encouragement to get moving.  They recommended that we start her on weekly physical therapy sessions to get her moving on her feet.  So we scheduled the first appointment for next week.

Last night, something clicked and she just decided to walk instead of crawl.  She walked for almost 45 minutes straight... falling and then standing right back up and continuing to walk.  Today, she walked about 90% of the time (versus about 5% of the time through most of the day yesterday).  I have to say that this is just a huge relief to me.  I'm hoping that perhaps we won't have to do physical therapy (because having another weekly commitment for your 18-month-old when you have two 3-year-olds is not easy).  I'm just glad that she will be able to walk across the mud and mulch and snow (because it is snowing here and they will be playing in it tomorrow!) instead of crawling in it.

So yay for walking and poop.  I never knew I could be so excited about such seemingly simple things.

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  1. I amazing how huge something can seem and then as soon as you are past it, you forget about it. So glad these struggles are past and you can find something else to stress about, haha.