Monday, February 24, 2014

Mommy & Miles Date

Last week while Grandma and Grandpa Fox were here, Jason took Vivienne to a Daddy/Daughter Date Nite at Chick-fil-a.  I will have to ask him to post about that.  That evening, I grabbed a chance to take my little guy on a date with Mommy while Evelyn stayed back with her grandparents.

After dinner, I told him that we were going to go get ice cream (frozen custard, to be precise).  He was very excited.  Here is our pre-date photo.

He was very excited to have some time with Mommy all to himself, talking up a storm in the van on the way to Goodberry's.  When we pulled in, he started talking about what kind of ice cream he wanted.  He got chocolate with Oreos and I had vanilla with cookie dough.

 This is him doing a kissy-face with me.

He devoured his ice cream and told me all about the "Christmas trees" (trees with white twinkle lights in them) and the cars passing by.  It was a beautiful sunset with my happy, chatty son... such an uncommon opportunity to spend time with just one child.

We are hoping to create these one-on-one date nights more frequently with our children so that they can each have special time with us on their own.  It's too easy to feel lost in the shuffle in a family of five, and I'm hopeful that this allows them each to feel extra special and loved.

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  1. So fun, and definitely a treat all around. We try to find those times too, even if it's just a one on one grocery outing. Hard to work in, but treasured time!!