Sunday, February 2, 2014

Preschool Anxiety

It has come time to enroll the kids in a formal preschool next year.  In Cary (I'm not sure if this is the same everywhere?), the kids are registered in January and February.  Each preschool has a separate registration process.  Some involve in-person lotteries.  Some do a lottery process in an office somewhere and call or email you if you got the spot you want (or to let you know the wait list you're on).  This actually becomes fairly complex when you have multiple schools with different deadlines and different processes.  It seems ridiculous, but we actually had to develop a strategy for registering them for preschool.

I was SO looking forward to last week, because my top preschool pick was supposed to have had their public registration (which followed their registration for alumni, siblings, church members, etc... good grief!) last Friday.  But because of the snow earlier in the week, they slid their registration to this coming Friday.  So I will go in the morning (thanks, Mom, for keeping the kids!) and get my number and wait anxiously to see if I get called before the 4-year slots fill up. 

I'm trying not to worry about this too much, because we're already on the wait list for my #2 choice school, just in case.  And, after all, this is just PRESCHOOL, people.  It seems ridiculous to stress out about this.  I think it's just that I really love my first choice school (based on its proximity to our house, their offering of 2-day and 3-day 4's instead of 5 days, their emphasis on God and His love, and the amazing teacher I met), so I'm really hoping they get to go there. 

The good news is that we live in an area where there are many, many excellent preschools just a mile or two from our home that are very reasonably priced.  I know that they will end up where they are supposed to end up.  I'll just be glad when it's over and we know where they will be spending much of their time next year.

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  1. It is definitely an anxious time! We missed all of that when we first enrolled Claire and William because we moved here in the summer. We just had to decide what wait lists to join. Then some registration fees are refundable, some not, and so on. Plus, you guys and us are in that extra challenge of needing not one, but two spots available on certain days! It's no dice if only one spot opens up. I hope you get your favorite school! A good fit makes all the difference!