Friday, May 25, 2012

31 Weeks

Well, I'm at 31 weeks now with Baby Girl #2.  I have been feeling really good this pregnancy - thankful to still be able to be physically active with the kids, though I am slowing down.  On Monday of last week, I had what I think is probably my last jog of this pregnancy with my friend, Elise.  We went about 4 miles.  But it's just getting too awkward with the growing belly to bounce it around for a few miles.  I have still been able to walk 3-4 miles 3 or 4 times a week, in addition to Pilates, yoga, my workout DVD and mowing the lawn (hey - mowing our lawn with a reel mower is a workout in my book). 

I started at 155 lbs, and I'm up to around 177 lbs now.  That sounds much less daunting than the 55 lb weight gain that I had with the twins (though I was able to get back down to 155 eventually).  I wanted to hit right around 180 with this one, but I have a feeling that I'm going to pass that mark pretty soon.

Baby Girl is head-down right now, which is excellent.  My OB won't deliver a breech baby vaginally, so I'm glad to hear that the little biscuit has her head down.  My blood pressure is good (98/60), and everything seems to be going smoothly.

I took my wedding rings off last week, because with the heat, my hands tend to swell.  I notice this a lot when I'm walking in the heat and humidity, but this is something that happens even when I'm not pregnant.  So I just decided to go ahead and take the rings off until we meet our baby daughter.

I have the same pain on the right side of my ribs that I had with the twins.  It is an annoying, dull pain.  I'm not sure exactly what is causing it, but I had it for a while during my twin pregnancy as well.  I put ice on it a couple times a day and that seems to help.  I'm hoping that it eventually goes away, but I might have to wait for Baby C to make her appearance for that to happen.

We don't have a car seat, crib or a name for this little bambino yet.  It's funny how different pregnancy is the second time around when I'm chasing after two almost 2-year-olds.  It's going by so quickly.  We have a couple names that we like, but we just can't seem to choose one.  I have a feeling that we might end up naming her at the hospital.

So far, so good.  I can't believe we only have to wait a couple more weeks to meet her.


  1. You are doing great! And mowing even if it were gas-powered is a workout when you're way pregnant and it's hot. Your bp is awesome, and so glad the baby is head-down. Glad to know we're not the only ones keeping our kids in cribs for now - we're going to put the newest twins in the pack n plays for a couple months while W&C adjust before getting big kid beds. (We called one of our twins 'biscuit' in utero the first time!)

  2. Adria's 2 year birthday present was a toddler bed, although if you have room, I would suggest going straight to twin beds. Matresses on the floor works too. Austin slept in a pack-n-play by the side of our bed for 3.5 months. I think you are really going to enjoy breastfeeding just one. The side laying position is awesome and you can totally use your Maya ring sling to feed in and the tail as a nursing cover. Glad you are doing well and so is the family.