Sunday, May 20, 2012

Band-Aid Inequity

And so it begins...

Today was the first time that the kids noticed Band-Aid inequity.  He scraped his knee up pretty badly yesterday, and we put a Band-Aid on his knee last night.  This morning, Vivienne lost one of her toenails (an unpleasant result of the hand foot and mouth disease she had), and we put a Band-Aid on her toe.  She kept pointing to her knee and saying,"Knee!  Knee!"  She wanted a Band-Aid on her knee because Miles had one on his knee. 

I will probably forevermore be getting two Band-Aids out of the box instead of one.


  1. We are just waiting for Claire to allow us to USE a band-aid on her! She keeps scraping her knees pretty badly too, yet refuses to wear one. We keep saying that soon, they'll be in a phase of wanting a band-aid for everything under the sun. Ah, the cuteness of kids.