Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

This is Jason here hijacking the blog in order to wish a Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful wife and the mother to Miles and Vivienne (and yet unnamed Baby Girl Fox).

Leslie, you are a rock star Mom!  I honestly don't know how you are able to do all that you do for me and for the kids.  All three (soon to be four) of us have lucked out big time to have you in our lives!  You are the best Mommy and wife a family could ask for.

Mommy with a snuggly Vivienne (both my ladies looking very beautiful on Easter)

My goal was to give you a card colored by the ever so talented Miles and Vivienne.  I also wanted to get some pictures of them holding the cards.  Well ... the plan didn't quite work out as I had hoped.  Here is snapshot of the Happy Mother's Day drawings:

Miles and Vivienne helped color the cards

I only had about a brief window of time to execute the plan.  Leslie was out running some errands so I had to work fast.  After the drawings were complete, I attempted to have the kids hold the pieces of paper while I photographed them.  It turned into more of a "crumple the paper and run away from Daddy" game, although I did manage to get one or two decent shots.

Vivienne almost gets the idea

Miles looks like he might cooperate for a moment

But then he realizes that it might be more fun to ball up the paper
So once I saw my plan was foiled by Miles and Vivienne, I took a fairly drastic measure.  I knew we had washable markers, so after first testing the wash-ability of the marker on my own skin, I transferred the Happy Mother's Day message from the paper to Viv's tummy.  She wasn't too thrilled, but she played along.

  No babies were harmed in the making of this Mother's Day message
She didn't quite understand what Daddy was doing, but she was a good sport.  And with the evidence soon washed away Leslie was none the wiser.
So Happy Mother's Day baby!  I love you and I can't wait for our family to grow again this summer.  You continually amaze me with your love for us and your fun and free spirit.  I hope you feel loved on this Mother's Day (and every day).


  1. Happy, happy, happy mother's day, Leslie!!!! And kudos to Jason for such creativity with M + V. Hope you all have had a fabulous day!!

  2. Happy Mother's Day!! Greatest Mother's Day present ever!

  3. Cute! The effort was great - trying to keep kids from crumpling the paper, and/or holding still for a photo is so hard these days!