Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Baby Sister

Miles and Viv are so gentle and patient with their little sister. It is not uncommon to see them lying in the floor chatting with her. They also love to play Peek-a-boo and make her laugh and squeal. It's such a delight to watch my children interacting. I am surprised that I have rarely had to ask them to be more gentle with her. They just seem to sort of naturally understand that they have to be careful around her. I'm hopeful that they stay protective and nurturing with her for a while. Of course, now that I say that, I will discover that they have decided to try to change her diaper themselves or piled all their dirty clothes on her or something.

I just love this shot because you can see the true color of Vivienne's eyes.  My beautiful big girl - such a great big sister!

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  1. We ran into the most trouble when Austin started walking. Adria still always tries to help and knocks him over. Otherwise she continues to be very gentle.