Saturday, January 19, 2013

Half Birthdays

In January, we celebrate all the kids' half birthdays. We have decided to steal a tradition from our friends, the Miller clan, and celebrate half birthdays with doughnuts.  We're not sure whether or not the kids had ever had doughnuts before or not, but I think it's pretty safe to say that they thoroughly enjoyed them.  And Mommy enjoyed having her own creme filled chocolate iced doughnut.  I just wouldn't want to miss out on the celebration, ya know.

Vivienne enjoyed her doughnut like it was a pie eating contest or something.  Look, Ma!  No hands!  (Notice that her doughnut matches her fingernails.)

I start to wonder if these really are my children if they are so easily distracted from their doughnuts by a toy that is found in nearly every doctor's office waiting room.

There were lots of big grins as they dove into their sugary treats.  Both kids decided to basically eat the tops off of their doughnuts.

And our gorgeous baby girl enjoyed her half birthday by sharing her beautiful smile with us - such a sweetie.  I can't wait to celebrate their whole birthdays this coming July!

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  1. I love it! And seeing as how I also love doughnuts, what a great idea. I like the very clean break of the top-only doughnut. I'm glad to see you did not skip the doughnut treat yourself, that would have been torture!