Monday, January 21, 2013

Perpetuating Mispronunciation

How is that for a long title?

Well, we generally try to gently correct the kids when they mispronounce words.  They usually have pretty clear pronunciation for 2-year-olds.  However, I have to say that some of their mispronunciations are just downright adorable.  Miles asks us to pick up the "remote cachine" (like "remote machine" but with a "c" sound) to turn on the "TB."  And Vivienne will often look up at me and say,"Carry you, Mommy!" instead of "carry me."  I correct Vivienne's English, but I think our family may permanently call it a "remote cachine" from now on.


  1. Enjoy it as long as you can. Adria used to call muffins, fuffins. So Drew and I started calling them fuffins until one day Adria corrected us.

  2. Adria also invented the word "poinky" which is some kind of mashup between pointy and pokey. I think I'm going to submit it for addition to the English's really quite a handy word, and fun to say too.

  3. SO funny! We get "Carry you" allllll the time. I need to think of the quirky misnomers our kids use so I don't forget them either!