Sunday, January 20, 2013

Twin Dynamics and Sharing

I absolutely love the relationship between Miles and Vivienne.  They make my heart melt at their generosity and love for one another.  We recently realized that in their entire 2.5 years, they have only been apart from one another long enough for one of them to go to the doctor (never more than 2 hours).  They still sleep in cribs right next to each other.  They have never slept in separate rooms, not even for a single night.  It is easy to see how they have such a strong connection to one another, and they think of each other very often.

For example, at Grandma's house, if Vivienne gets a cookie, she will say,"Miles?"  Grandma will hand her another cookie and she will rush over to give it to her brother.  She does this almost without fail when she is getting a snack or treat at home or at Grandma's house.

At church today, the teacher said that another child took Vivienne's snack from her.  The teacher went to get another snack for Vivienne, and when she returned, she realized that Miles had given his snack to Vivienne.  And, believe me, Miles loves to eat.  He just has a soft spot for his sister.

After church, the kids were playing in the yard.  They were actually playing in the mulch around our sugar maple.  (As an aside, it is very hard for me to let the kids simultaneously mess up my mulch while they are getting their church clothes dirty, but I make a conscious effort to allow them to do things like this.  Having fun is worth a little laundry and raking afterward to clean up their mess.)  Vivienne ran to the garage to get a pail for her dirt.  Without any prompting, she brought back two buckets - one for her and one for her brother.

Of course, Miles and Viv also have their moments every day where they are fighting over a balloon or a bike or toy, but they are generally very kind and thoughtful and generous with one another.  I love having twins, and I hope that they keep this closeness forever.


  1. This is so sweet! I love it! :) I hope I get to meet them sometime as they are celebrities to me. Hee hee.

  2. Awwwwww! I love that Miles gave up his snack for Vivienne! How sweet. Definitely makes your heart melt. I am anxious for mine to be grown ups one day and hear how things really tick as a twin.