Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Lions and Tigers and Bears...

Ok, so we don't have lions and tigers and bears here, but we do have some pretty fascinating wildlife, which I mostly see during my walks and runs on the greenway.  Miles, Vivienne and I started seeing snakes about a month ago.  We have only seen a couple of snakes on the path, but one of them was at least 3 feet long.  It slithered away too quickly for me to figure out what it was.

We see tons of turtles in the ponds that we pass.  A couple weeks ago, we saw a teeny tiny turtle (about the size of a silver dollar) crossing the path, and "we" stopped to help him.  (Honestly, Miles and Vivienne were totally uninterested, but I had to help the little guy get to the other side.)  Last week, I saw this guy while I was running by myself (thanks, Lila, for watching the babes!):

My iPhone couldn't really pick up the brightness of his (or her?) orange markings.

Last week, I was walking with my friend, Angela, and her two beautiful little twins, Jame and Natalie, only 2 months old.  We saw two ducks and eight little ducklings following them around on the edge of the pond.  This weekend, while Jason and I were walking with Lila and the babies, we saw a couple of Canada geese with quite a few goslings.

Over the weekend, I was sitting on our couch, and I saw this little fox head poke up right beside our porch and look at me through the window.  It was amazing!  He must know that other Foxes live in this house.  ;-)  He ran away too quickly for me to get a picture of him.

I love living in North Carolina and having this wonderful path behind our house where we can see snakes, turtles, foxes, bunnies, deer, ducks, geese, blue herons, king fishers, woodpeckers...  all in our backyard.  I just love all this wildlife!

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