Monday, May 23, 2011

Twin Mommy Get Together

We had a reunion for our multiples birthing class in early March.  Today, four of the mommies (and our eight babies) got together at a nearby park.  It was so fun to see them all again and to see how much their beautiful babies have grown.  One of the babies is walking very well - at only 10 months old!  Many of the others are crawling.  It was just so much fun to watch.

Today was Miles and Vivienne's first time sitting in sand.  Miles immediately grabbed a handful and put it in his mouth, which completely grossed me out.  I can't stand the feeling of sand between my teeth.

"What IS this stuff??"

"I'm not sure.  But I think I should put it in my mouth."

"Oh, wait.  Maybe that was a bad idea."
For much of the time, the babies sat on a blanket while the mommies chatted about feeding babies, traveling with twins, and swapped ideas.  The babies stayed busy by stealing toys, snacks, and water bottles.  I'm pretty sure that a graham cracker was split across four of the babies.  =)

This is one group of CUTE twins (minus one)!

Raiden is such a sweetie.

Look at those eyes.

Will has gorgeous big blue eyes.

Fiona is adorable as always.

Vivienne enjoyed playing with friends.

Claire sweetly shared her toys with Vivienne.

Molly is an impressive little walker already (and look at all that hair)!

It's a sea of double strollers!!

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  1. Such cute pictures, great job staying on the camera action. Let's do it again soon.