Friday, May 13, 2011

SAS 35th Anniversary

I've had a great week with the babies.  Today was nice and relaxing.  The babies got up around 7 o'clock.  I nursed them, then they played and ate their solid food breakfast (prunes, applesauce, yogurt and rice cereal).  After that, I put them down for their morning nap and put myself down for their morning nap.  It was heaven.

We're excited to go see Pam!

Vivienne woke up around 10 am.  Miles was up soon after.  I got us all together and we loaded up in the car to go visit Pam and go walking.  We got in a good walk, over 4 miles.  It was great to spend some time outdoors, because I think it's supposed to rain on and off all weekend (which will probably get in the way of my running... hmmph!).

This evening, we went to SAS to meet Jason and to go SAS's 35th anniversary party.  It was a huge event with tons of food.  We had African rice, some kind of asian noodle soup, sliders, french fries, gelato, hot dogs, strawberries with the chocolate fountain, barbecue sandwiches, cole slaw and more gelato.  You can't ever really have enough gelato, can you? 

They had two big drawings that said something about "SAS transforming the world" that depicted the world made of 0's and 1's.  I colored in a petal of a flower for each baby.

I colored one petal for each baby - pink for Viv and blue for Miles.
They also had tons of rides for the kids.  Miles and Vivienne are obviously too young for any of them, but it's fun to think that they will be able to ride them at the 40th anniversary.  There were two stages - one for international shows (like dancers from China and Ireland, Africa rhythms, cloggers... well, I guess cloggers aren't so international, are they?) and one for bands.  They had fireworks at 9, but we left around 6:30 to get the babies home and put to bed.

Daddy and his beautiful babes.

All this entertainment and Miles is captivated by the grass.

Finding his inner cow

The two cutest guys in the world

"I love it when Daddy throws me up in the air."

Mommy and Vivienne snuggling with the ergo carrier.

My Cutie Patootie

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  1. Cute that Miles lets Jason toss him up...if I try to do that with Adria, she clings to me right at the top of the arc and I can't make her go airborne. I don't dare throw harder to "shake her loose", because I'm worried she'll tumble and I won't be able to catch her. So, I'm resigned to not being able to throw this one. :)