Wednesday, July 27, 2011

12 Month Pediatrician Appointment

Yesterday morning, we took Miles and Vivienne for their 1-year pediatrician appointment.  It was a long morning for all of us.  The appointment was at 9 am, which is just about the time that the babies usually go down for their morning nap.  The pediatrician was running a bit behind, so we had to wait for quite a while in the exam room.  The babies ran out of patience and began to get very tired and fussy.  I felt so bad that we couldn't really do anything to soothe them.  I actually tried nursing them at the same time in those hard plastic chairs (because when I tried feeding one of them, the other one would cry), but it just didn't work.  They also got another set of shots, which is never fun.  But we all made it through and came home to take almost a 3-hour nap (including a 2 hour nap for Mommy - whoohoo!).

Here are the latest stats on Miles:

  • Height:  29.75 inches (51st percentile)
  • Weight:  21 lb 14.5 oz (37th percentile)
  • Head Circumference:  18 5/8 inches (76th percentile)
And Vivienne:
  • Height:  27.75 inches (13th percentile)
  • Weight:  17 lb 14 oz (7th percentile)
  • Head Circumference:  17.75 inches (52nd percentile)
The only thing they said to work on was Vivienne's growth.  The pediatrician said that we should do what we can to get more calories into Vivienne.  We tried giving her some whole milk with dinner in her sippy cup, but she didn't drink much of it.  She is still breastfeeding, so she may not like the taste of cow's milk just yet (nothing compares to Mommy!).  =)

All in all, it was a good report.  Our next appointment will be at 15 months.


  1. I think you wrote Miles height wrong, he should be taller than Viv right? Also you might want to try adding Chocolate Carnation Instant Breakfast to milk, that's how we get extra calories down Adria. I am not sure we ever got her to bulk up, but it helps that all the other kids get skinnier as they start walking and running around.

  2. I know your pain at the doctor's. It's definitely one of those times that twins is double the work, not incrementally more! It is double the measurements, strip-downs, re-dressing, shots, crying, and so forth. If you still have any frozen milk, we got Claire on a mixture of bm/cow's milk in her cup, and are working to get the ratio to all cow's milk. Seems to help the adjustment phase.

  3. Amanda, you're right! That was a 9, not a 4. Thanks for the catch.

    Lynn, good idea to mix the milk with breastmilk. I'll probably also try the Carnation Instant breakfast and see what happens.