Saturday, July 2, 2011

Date Night!

We just had our first date night where we hired a sitter to stay with the babies.  Our next door neighbor, Rachel, is 15-years-old, and she's just starting to babysit.  So we had her come over this evening at 7 pm so that we could run out and grab a romantic dinner together.  We used a certificate at Klara's in downtown Cary - excellent Czech cuisine.  We started with fried Brie, which was to die for.  I had roasted pork, and Jason had the duck.  We were too stuffed to even think about dessert, but then we stopped on the way home to pick up some cookie dough ice cream.  ;-)  It was fun to have a night out and have the babies have their first real, paid sitter.  (Many thanks to our parents and our sweet friends and neighbors who have babysat for free so many nights!)

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