Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Crawlers

I keep finding myself saying,"I like this stage the best!" no matter what stage my babies are in.  I really must say that I love the stage that we're in now.  Both Miles and Vivienne are crawling, and it is so fascinating to watch them learning about their ever-expanding world.

Miles started crawling first, and he can move much more quickly than little Vivienne.  She follows him around the house like a little puppy.  She always wants to see where he's going and what he is going to do.  Every now and then, though, she will break away and explore something new on her own.

They both love bouncing their little hard balls on the hardwood floor.  Miles will hold one above his head and drop it on the floor and watch it bounce and roll away.  Then both babies will crawl after the ball.  Whoever gets to it first will celebrate their victory and then bounce the ball again and the game continues.  I could watch them do this for hours.

After our run yesterday, I let them explore the upstairs (thanks to our newly installed top of stairs gate).  I really enjoyed watching them crawl around this new territory, practice opening and closing the doors, and pulling themselves up on the baby gate. 

A couple of nights ago, Jason was crawling behind Miles, acting like he was going to catch him.  Miles clearly recognized that Daddy was chasing him.  He laughed and crawled just as fast as his little arms and legs could carry him.  He was so excited - squealing and giggling and moving with so much effort that he got out of breath and had sweat in his hair.  I would pick him up and "save" him and then he would crawl back to start the chase with Daddy again.  It's times like these that I just want the clock to freeze so that I could live these moments over and over. 

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