Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Wyatt!

Yesterday, we went to a third birthday party for Wyatt.  He is an adorable little guy who is in our life group from church.  His birthday party was at the Durham Museum of Life and Science.  The babies' afternoon nap went a little bit long, so we got there just after the singing and candle blowing (so sad to miss that!), but we did eat some cake and ice cream and wish Wyatt a happy birthday.  Thanks, Heather and Erick, for a fun day at the museum!

Wyatt and his beautiful mommy
After the party, we walked around the museum for about an hour.  They had an infant/toddler play area that was perfect for the babies.  Miles was enamored with the slide and kept trying to crawl up it while other toddlers were sliding down it.  He still has some physics lessons to master.  ;-)

Vivienne enjoyed the infant play area.

Mileszilla loves the slide.

The farmyard was a fun visit - donkeys, cow, sheep, goats, pig and birds.

"I can wave my arms like Daddy!"

Miles ended the day with a kale facial.

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