Monday, July 18, 2011

Happy Birthday, Miles & Vivienne!

It is hard to believe that one year ago today, we were visiting Miles in the Special Care Nursery, pushing Vivienne along in the bassinet so that we could all be together.  Our tiny 6 and 6.5 pound babies had come into the world to join us... and to change our worlds forever.

Miles was born first, and he is our spunky, energetic first-born.  He has eyes that are blue like the sky, and a mischievous grin that warms my heart.  He was born with a head full of dark hair, and he has the most fabulous bed head I've ever seen.  (He would make a great rock star someday with that hair.)  He is daring and bold, but he's also sensitive and super cuddly.  He loves to watch the tops of the trees blowing in the wind.  He loves to be in the water with his Daddy.

Vivienne was our Baby B.  She is small and sweet and has the face of an angel.  She is honestly the most beautiful baby that I have ever seen.  (No offense, Miles.  You are a ruggedly handsome little man.)  She has huge steely blue eyes that could melt the heart of the Grinch himself.  (Cindy Lou Who has nothing on her.)  We can't help but smile when she giggles.  She is pretty and petite and incredibly charming.  She loves to clap and wave at everyone and "make eyes" at the people sitting next to us - she has never known a stranger.   She claps and squeals when Daddy walks in the door from work.

Oh, my precious Miles and Vivienne, there is so much to say that I don't know where to start.  I guess there are a million posts in my head that I could write about what this past year has meant to me.  I think the best way to sum it up is to say that I see the glory of God in your smiles.  Life is more full than I could have ever imagined with you two in my life.  I cannot wait to celebrate each passing year that God blesses me with the opportunity to be your mother and watch you grow.

I love you to pieces.  Happy birthday, my sweet, sweet Miles and Vivienne.



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  1. OMG. I almost just cried. That was SO SWEET. Happy Birthday, M and V!!! I feel like I know them although I've never met them! :) Someday I will get out there.