Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas Service

Thanks to lots of great friends' hand-me-downs, the kids had some really cute outfits to wear for the Christmas service at church.  Miles' little pants, black velvet blazer and dress shoes were from the McKay's.  Vivienne's little Christmas dress was from our dear friend, Kylie.

Our church has 8 Christmas services, which is great for us, because we can choose the day and time that is best for us and the kids.  We went to the Christmas Eve 1:00 service, and it worked out well with nap time.  Miles and Vivienne sat through the entire service with us, and they did a great job.  Vivienne got a little squirmy, but Miles just sat in Grandma's lap for the entire service, staring at the stage.  I guess bringing a tired toddler to church is sometimes an advantage.  (He's either going to fall into a terrible tantrum or just fall into a daze.)

Our church is very modern - lots of awesome music and really great artistic things to watch (and a ridiculously hilarious video of the kids in the church saying what they want for Christmas).  It was a great time.  They even gave the kids a goody bag with something to color, Crayons, a little twisty polar bear to play with and a glow stick (instead of a candle for singing Silent Night). 

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