Sunday, January 22, 2012

Happy 18 Months!

Miles and Vivienne had their half birthday on Wednesday.  We would love to take on the tradition of our friends, Kristi and Ian, and take our kids out for doughnuts on their half birthday.  I honestly forgot about the doughnuts this year, but coincidentally, I picked up doughnuts on our way to visit our friends, Jessica and Alex.  So they DID get doughnuts on their half birthday!  (And that was the first time I have bought doughnuts in at least a couple of years probably.)

On Friday, we took the kids for their 18-month appointment.  It went very smoothly.  The kids are healthy and thriving.  Miles' stats were:
  • Height:  33 in (71%)
  • Weight:  27 lb 8 oz (88%)
  • Head Circumference:  19 inches (79%)
Vivienne is still our little biscuit.  Her stats were:
  • Height:  30.25 in (9%)
  • Weight:  22 lb 13.5 oz (54%)
  • Head Circumference:  18 inches (35%)
We both have some short women in our families, so it's not entirely surprising that Vivienne is in the lower ranges for height.  I think it's probably still too early to tell how short or tall she will be, though.

Miles and Vivienne are at such a fascinating age - learning new things every day.  They build with their blocks and enjoy putting their puzzles together.  They are learning to solve problems (though very simple problems at this point, obviously).  They add words to their vocabulary every week.  They also really enjoy playing with one another, which provides a welcome opportunity for me to get things done around the house during the day.

It's a joy being their mother. 

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