Friday, January 13, 2012

"Mi. Mi" (Translation: "Miles. Miles.")

Vivienne has finally started trying to say "Miles."  It comes out more like "My," but I'll take it.  A couple days ago, she woke up from her nap first.  I was downstairs playing with her, and we heard Miles start to stir up in his room.  She said, "Mi.  Mi."  Then she went over to the baby gate at the bottom of the stairs, pointing up the stairs and saying, "Mi."  I opened up the gate, let her crawl all the way up, and she went straight to the nursery door.  I opened it and they squealed to greet each other.

Miles doesn't try to say "Vivienne" yet.  I think that one is going to be a bit trickier.

Having twins is such a blessing.

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