Sunday, June 10, 2012

33 Weeks

I can't believe that I'm already at 33 weeks with my third child.  How did that happen?  This pregnancy has gone by so much more quickly, mainly because I spend my days herding Miles and Vivienne around playgrounds and our home.

I'm starting to slow down a lot with the heat, which is a little discouraging.  But last week, I was able to walk 20 miles, which is the most that I have walked in a few weeks (more often it's around 15 miles), so I'm feeling pretty good about that.  I often go for long walks after the kids go to bed.  It's nice to enjoy the cooler evenings and not have to push the double stroller.  It also gives me some much needed time to myself.  During these walks last week, I saw countless bunnies, birds, deer, blue herons, a king fisher (very cool) and other animals.  I love seeing the animals come out as the sun goes down.

I had an OB appointment last week, and they said everything looks great.  My hemoglobin level was good (meaning I'm not anemic), and my blood pressure is still very low.  They said that my wait gain is "looking good."  I'm up 25 lbs at this point (right around 180), so it looks like I should not break 200 lbs this time (unless I eat a LOT of ice cream between now and the end, which isn't out of the question).

I have been reading a lot of books on natural childbirth, trying to prepare myself for the arrival of this little one.  It's reassuring to me that this time will be very familiar with my surroundings at the hospital and the overall process of giving birth.  Most of the "unknowns" from the first time around are gone, and I think that will be very helpful.  It will be nice to deliver the baby in a labor room instead of the operating room, assuming that everything works out the way that I hope it will.  (With the twins, I delivered in an OR even though they were born vaginally.  They want to be able to quickly convert to a c-section if needed.)

We still don't have a name or a crib or a car seat for this little one, but we're getting a bit closer.  I'm borrowing a crib and a car seat from some very generous friends of ours.  Now, if only I could borrow a name...

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