Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Whose Car Seat is This?

Last week, a sweet friend brought me her infant carrier car seat to use with Baby C.  Miles and Vivienne were immediately taken with it.  We'll see how well they handle it when they realize that this is not just a new lounge chair for them to fight over play in.

"This is my new recliner, right? Does it come in pink?"


  1. Did you not keep your old infant carriers?

  2. That's my question. Did you just go ahead and sell them when you bought the bigger ones? We haven't gotten ours out yet (okay well now they're on a moving truck) but our kids LOVE to play in other people's...

  3. We bought their previous carseats on Craigslist and then sold them for the same amount we bought them for. We figured that we would rather just buy another one on CL than keep those 2 seats around (as well as the swings, bouncy seats, etc) until we had other children. Luckily, this time we're borrowing a seat from a friend, so it's totally free.