Sunday, June 3, 2012

Cereal Moochers

Around our house, it's extremely difficult to eat anything with the kids around without having to share it.  Jason and I (particularly Jason) are big fans of cereal, and it's not surprising that the kids have also learned to love it.  They like to sit in our laps with their spoons and enjoy it with us.  They spill a lot of the milk from their spoons, but they manage to get most of the actual cereal in their mouths.  And they really enjoy being able to eat like big people.


  1. Cereal mooching is a favorite part of mornings around here too.

  2. Oh my goodness, Claire is like a cat who hears the whirring of a can opener when it comes to hearing cereal poured into a bowl! She asks for cereal all the time, and if we're eating it, there is no peace until she gets some bites. Glad to know other kids also mooch on their parents' bowls :)