Monday, June 18, 2012


On Saturday, we all went to Marbles.  I thought it was going to be slammed with people on a Saturday, but it was surprisingly empty.  It made for a great morning for the kids.  Miles stuck close to the train table and admired the fish, as usual.  Vivienne wandered around all over the place.  Elizabeth enjoyed dressing up as a firefighter and serving food at the play kitchen.

Firefighter Sam is ready for action!

My daughter has no personality.

Seriously, she has no personality.

Daddy and Uncle Brian even enjoyed playing with the big "budgeting blocks."

My beautiful little explorer.

"Don't mind me, Mommy.  I'll be here at the train table."

Miles watched the rubber duckies "swim" down the water table.

Elizabeth got smocked up for "painting" (with water).

Precious little artist.

Who says you can't be beautiful and be a mad scientist?

Miles made sure that all the flowers in the garden were well watered.
We had such a great weekend hanging out with Brian, Mary and Elizabeth.  I know it will be a long time until we see them again, because our baby girl is coming next month.  We're so thankful that they made the trek up here to spend time with us.   I can't wait to introduce them to our youngest baby girl!

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