Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Parade

This past Saturday, Mom and I took the kids to their first parade.  Jason was at the Durham Rescue Mission serving dinner with our old life group, so he couldn't join us.  The parade was a neat little hometown parade - one of the great benefits of living someplace with a "small town" feel.  I loved the Rose Parade in Pasadena, but this was much more manageable and the kids could get a front seat view without having to arrive 24 hours early and camping out all night.  :)

My friend, Mary, brought her husband and children as well.  Luckily, she brought a little mat that they could all sit on, which helped to ensure that they didn't run out into the street.

Miles and Vivienne really enjoyed the show.  Vivienne just clapped and clapped for all the cars and floats.  Miles liked the firetrucks and safety vehicles.  They had the usual sights - dancers and old cars and people in costumes and free candy.  I hear that Santa was on the last float, but we had to leave after about an hour.  Hopefully next year, Daddy can join us, too!

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  1. What about my go go gadget arms keeping the kids out of harms way?! :) ahhahah! So glad we all got to enjoy the parade together!