Sunday, December 9, 2012

Jessica's Wedding

In early December, my sweet friend, Jessica, got married. We are lucky to have her so close by (just a couple hours to Wilmington), so we were able to attend her wedding despite having a 4-month-old. It was Evelyn's first wedding, of course, and she wore her first fancy dress. We didn't want her to disturb the ceremony, so Jason stayed outside with her.

The wedding was beautiful and whimsical and fit Jessica perfectly.  She looked stunning in her wedding gown (unfortunately, I didn't get any decent photos of her because I was holding a baby most of the time).  The reception was a ton of fun, but we had to cut out a little early to get our sweet girl home to bed.

Thanks for including us in your wedding day, Jessica.  And thanks to Grandma for watching the big kids together without Grandad's help (because he was working in Seattle).

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  1. Gor-geous!! Love that dress on her. And you look stunning too.