Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree!

Last weekend, we put up our tree.  We have an artificial tree, which obviously isn't as fun as a real tree.  But I have to say that I appreciate that it doesn't drop any needles, and we don't have to pay for a tree year after year.  Maybe when the kids are a bit older, we'll go cut down a real tree.  Until then, it's a plastic Christmas for us.

Grandma and Grandad came over to join in the festivities with us.  The kids did a pretty good job focusing on the task at hand.  Vivienne seemed to be the most enthusiastic.

The kids loved counting "One, two, THREE!!!" and having us turn on the tree.  We do that every day (quite a few times a day), and they haven't gotten tired of it yet.

After we finished decorating, Santa read some bedtime stories to the wee ones.  He seems a bit slimmer and more handsome, doesn't he?  

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  1. I love the wonder in their faces. Christmas through their eyes is the best.