Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Christmas Traditions

We started a few new Christmas traditions this year, because the kids are old enough to understand some of them.  I think my favorite was this advent activity calendar that I made at a girls' night with my friends, Pam and Kristi.  There is one envelope for each day, and the kids enjoyed taking turns (ok, well, sometimes they didn't exactly enjoy the "taking turns" part) opening the envelopes to see what our activity for the day would be.  It could be anything from "go to the park" to "lunch with Grandma" to "go see Christmas lights" or "wrap a gift."  I'm already looking forward to doing this again next year.

Other traditions that we began this year include the Elf on the Shelf and a wooden Christmas tree advent calendar.  Each day, the kids would take turns opening an ornament to put on the little tree.

Only 350 days until next Christmas... 

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  1. The advent envelopes are a fantastic idea! And you're so crafty and good at making those. We got a Christmas tree one from the kids' grandparents this year, and they loved opening it (not the sharing part either). I'm going to have to remember the envelope/activity thing!