Saturday, January 30, 2010

Calling All Baby Necessity Lists

I have a friend who has already sent me her "Baby Necessity" list - a list of the things that she really loved, that were useful for her baby and recommendations on what to buy and not buy.  Another friend also asked me if I would like to have a copy of hers.

My answer is an adamant, "YES!"  So this is a call to all my mommy friends out there, if you have a Baby Necessity list or if you have any suggestions or guidance on what to buy or not buy, please, please send it my way.  We're having to buy 2 of a lot of things, so we want to make wise choices.  Your guidance is extremely valuable.

On an unrelated note, we got about 5 inches of snow last night followed by a bunch of sleet.  It's a winter wonderland here again, and we're all snowed in for the weekend (because Raleigh isn't equipped to handle snow like this).  Hopefully I'll take some pictures tomorrow.


  1. When they are little (up to even 18 months) sleep sacks are the way to go! I had two for Kylie, one fleece weight and one light cotton one. Sleeveless that you just zip onto them in place of blankets to keep them warm!
    Of course my experience starts at 12 months...

  2. Everyone told me not to get a changing table. Well, Jill bought one anyway. Pretty useless if you asked me since most of the time we just did it on the floor or on the bed or whatever. Waste of money and space.