Friday, January 8, 2010

Telling My Parents

We found out that my parents would be visiting us over New Year's, so we decided to wait until then to tell them in person (though it did feel really weird to have them not knowing for a couple of weeks).

They drove up from Georgia to see us. They frequently drive for two reasons: 1. they bring their little dog, Mikey and 2. they either bring me stuff from home (yearbooks, piano music, etc) or Dad is bringing a bunch of power tools to help us with our latest home improvement endeavors.

I thought of fun way to tell them about our baby. My brother and his wife are due to have their first child in June 2010, so we knew that my parents would be over the moon when they heard that they would have TWO grandchildren born in 2010. We went out and bought two baby picture frames. In one, I put a sign that said: "Coming soon! [insert my brother and his wife's name for their baby] Smith - June 2010". Then the second one said: "Coming soon! Baby Fox - August 2010". Here is a picture:

Mom pulled the first one out of the box and opened it. At first, she thought that it might be about our baby, but then she read Baby Smith on it and realized it was for her other upcoming grandchild. Jason and I were just looking down at a puzzle that we were putting together. I coudln't even look up at them without smiling and giving it away. Then Mom opened the second one. As soon as she read it, she dropped it on the table, screamed and hugged us. I think we all got a little bit teary and hugged.

After about a year of trying to have a baby, it's fun to be able to share this blessing with our parents.

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