Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nothing Says Morning Sickness Like a New York Cab Ride

Jason and I went to New York City over the weekend. He was being sent by SAS for a conference, so all of his travel and hotel was covered. We just had to pay my airfare for me to join him for the weekend.

It was a fun weekend. On Saturday, we saw Times Square and went to a showing of Phantom. Then on Sunday, we walked to Central Park (in what was something like 9 degree weather!) and went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museum was fantastic, but it's absolutely enormous. There is no way you could see the entire thing in one day. It's overwhelming. I kept having to sit down because I felt tired and kind of dizzy (thanks to the twins). On Sunday, we walked over 5 miles - all of it in below freezing temperatures. We ended the day with some delicious Thai food near Carnegie Hall and some cupcakes from Crumbs (which were honestly a bit underwhelming considering all the hype?).

This is my French toast with ice cream breakfast.  It was amazing.  I can do this because I'm pregnant, right?  
At least I didn't actually eat the entire thing (though I bet I could have if I really tried hard).


Here I stand with a statue of Latona and her children, Apollo and Diana.  
I'm sure I'm going to look exactly like this with my two angelic babes.

Monday morning, I took a cab to Laguardia. I get extremely motion sick whenever I'm in anything that I'm not driving these days. So, needless to say, the cab ride was NOT fun. Those drivers are insane - weaving in and out of traffic, nearly driving on the sidewalk, running over pedestrians. I'm just glad I got to the airport without vomiting in the back of his cab.

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