Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lucky, Lucky Girl

So in reading all of these pregnancy books, there are lots of jokes about how clueless husbands are about pregnancy and about how they're often not very helpful.  In my family, that is clearly not the case.  Here is a list of ridiculously sweet and caring things Jason has done for me (though he is always sweet and caring):

  1. Bought me flowers the day we found out we were pregnant, even though I was flying to San Diego the next day and he knew that they would probably die.
  2. Rented a movie for us to watch, and came home with Ruffles chips and french onion dip.  He remembered me saying how I had a craving for it a couple nights beforehand.  He always remembers the little things.
  3. I asked him to buy me a bag of pretzels on his way home from work so that I could take some to New York with us (they help my nausea).   Well, he bought 2 "pounder" bags of pretzels and another bag of chocolate-covered pretzels.  Wow.  I'm in love.
  4. Folded laundry 
  5. Washed our duvet cover because he noticed that it was covered in cat hair (and cat sneezes... ew).
  6. Bought me ginger ale, and frequently brings me a can while I'm on the couch watching TV.
  7. Cleaned the kitchen even more often than he used to, which was already pretty often
  8. Sifted the litter box, since I found out I was pregnant, he's done this regularly
  9. Not criticized me for ordering french toast with ice cream on top
  10. Told me that I'll be beautiful no matter how closely I'll come to resembling the Goodyear blimp
  11. Downloaded the What to Expect app and gone to my doctor's appointments so that he can participate in this entire, crazy process.

    I am a lucky, lucky woman.  My husband is going to be a phenomenal father.  I love you, Jason.


    1. These are the things a Father in Law loves to hear. Way to go Jason!
      Love you guys,


    2. I second that ~ I've thought from the beginning that Jason is going to be a great dad! Man this is gonna be fun, I can't wait to tell Kylie and Caleb that "Ms. Lessie" is gonna have TWO babies!