Thursday, January 28, 2010

Wonderful News & Ultrasound Pictures

I think I may be happier than I've ever been in my life.  I'm overwhelmingly thankful to God for giving me these two healthy precious babies.  We had our nuchal translucency screening this morning, and both babies look good.  Their nuchal lengths are both normal.  I couldn't be happier.

The woman who did our ultrasound was wonderful.  She really talked to us for a long time, and we got to see the babies for what seemed like at least 15 minutes.  We got to see both of their little hearts beating, and we got to hear them for the first time.  It's just an awesome miracle to hear that.  And, of course, I cried when I heard each one of them.

We could see them both moving a lot, which was really fun.  Baby A was flailing his (her?) arms around quite a bit.  I was surprised that they both moved so much when they are still so small.

They are also both growing at a good rate.  Baby A is almost 6 cm long and Baby B is almost 5 cm long.  There seems to be a pretty big size discrepancy between the two of them, but the woman who did the ultrasound said that they are both within the normal range, so we're thankful for that.

And now for the pictures.  If you click on a picture, you can see it at a larger scale.

This is Baby A in profile.  I love this picture.  You can see the head, nose, and the little legs pretty clearly.  You can also see the cheek bone and jaw bone (the bright white spots on the head). 

This is Baby A from a front view - a lot crazier looking.  The eyes are actually lower on the head than you would think.  They're below those two bigger white blobs at the top.  You can see the cheek bone and jaw bone beneath that (the big white blob at the bottom of the head).  If I had good photo editing software, I would label it.  Maybe I'll try that on the Mac.

Baby A in profile - now stretch out a bit more as he/she was moving around.  Head to the left, body to the right.

Baby B in profile (head to the right, body to the left).  This picture is very cool - you can see him/her holding up their hand, and you can even see the individual little fingers (I think the hand is curled up) and the thumb sticking out toward the head (much fainter than the other fingers).

Baby B in profile.  You can see that he/she is holding their hands up in front of their face.  You can also see the legs (probably crossed).

Baby B from the front - another crazy-looking shot.  Much more "alien".

Here are both babies in the same shot.

This is my favorite.  It's my new desktop background on my computer.  Baby B on the left and Baby A on the right.  Another great shot of Baby B's piano fingers.  If you zoom into the picture, you can also see Baby B's toes (B is on the left, remember) and Baby A's hand (fainter than Baby B's).

Aren't they just the most beautiful babies you've ever seen??


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you guys! (there isn't enough emoticons and exclamation points to express how cool this is!!) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  2. So the bigger baby is a boy ?? and the smaller baby is a girl??

  3. They said that we could find out at the next ultrasound whether they are girls, boys or one of each.

  4. They are the most beautiful babies I've ever seen! All my grandbabies are!

    Can't wait to find out if they're granddaughters, grandsons, or granddaughter and grandson.

    God is good. Life is good.

  5. Feeling emotional over here!! Geeeeeez. I can't read this while I am at work - people are thinking there is something wrong with me.

    I can't begin to tell you how joyful I feel for both of you! I can't stand it :)

  6. Can't believe I didn't think of checking here earlier in the day. I was waiting to hear the "all clear" and just had to come check before I went to bed. Praise God for your double blessing!
    And when you exclude children born in China, yes, they are the most beautiful babies I have ever seen. (Well, leaving out the alien shots ~ those were kinda freaky...)
    So happy for all four of you!

  7. Congratulations! So happy for you both and so excited that we get to follow the journey here. How lucky are those two little ones that they have two such amazing parents!

  8. Sincere congratulations to both of you! It must be such an incredible feeling to see them both active and growing by the day! I am so thankful that everything is going so smoothly for you. Take care of those babies!