Friday, January 8, 2010

Telling Jason's Parents

So none of my posts are correctly dated, if you haven't figured that out yet. I'm backlogging and trying to catch up with present day. Sorry about that. I wasn't totally inspired to blog until I found out that we're having two babies. Wow.

Because we found out the week before Christmas, we decided to tell Jason's parents while we were in Indiana for Christmas. It's just more fun to tell them in person than over the phone. We tried to think of a cute way to tell them, and we decided that Jason would give me a gift with some baby caps, blankets and onesies.

I opened the present on Christmas after everyone else had opened all of theirs (we had the fun of watching our niece and nephews open up all their goodies). I opened the package and started saying, "Oh, what cute baby clothes!" They looked kind of confused, and then Jason's dad asked,"Is this an announcement?" We told them that it was, and much screaming and hugging followed.

They are so excited for us. Jason's mother has even started knitting us a baby blanket before she found out that we had actually conceived our little one.

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