Wednesday, February 3, 2010

13 Weeks Today!

We're at 13 weeks today - almost out of the first trimester.  I think technically, we're out of the first trimester halfway through this next week (this weekend, I guess).

Our babies are supposed to be about 3 inches long now. says the twins are the the size of medium shrimp. says that our babies are the size of peaches.  I like that... my little peaches.  Maybe they're Georgia girls!


  1. Well, if they are indeed Georgia girls then we'll have to get them some of these when they start learning to walk!
    Heck, if they are boys we'll just get the guy version...
    I'm still praying that you get back to feeling great again!

  2. Well, since I went to Georgia Tech, we'll have to get the boys these

    ;-) I can't wait for our own squeaky shoes!!

  3. Hi Jason & Leslie,

    I just found your blog. Wow! Twins!!! That's great! Congratulations! I will enjoy watch you (they) grow as the weeks go by.

    We are so happy for you.

    Love Peggy & Charlie

  4. Thanks, Peggy & Charlie! I can't wait for you to meet them. =)