Sunday, February 14, 2010


We bought a crib a couple weeks ago on Craigslist.  It's brand new and still in the box (and not recalled), so I was delighted at getting a particularly good deal.  We're either going to look for another white crib on Craigslist, or we might just suck it up and go buy an identical one at Babies R Us so that they match perfectly.  Here's what it looks like:

I couldn't wait to put it together to see it in person, so Jason and I started assembling it in bedroom.  We can't put it in the nursery yet because we use that room for the children in our Life Group from church on Monday nights.  So we decided to assemble it in our room and then move it over when we're ready to start putting the nursery together.

I looked at the dimensions on the crib, and I saw that it was 30 inches wide.  I didn't actually measure the width of the door, but I "eyeballed" it, and I decided that it would just barely fit.

We put the crib together and it looks beautiful.  But then we realized that it's too big to get out the door of our bedroom.  We're going to have to disassemble it again to move it into the nursery.  Crib... FAIL.

So much for those Masters degrees in Engineering...


  1. I'm laughing WITH you, honest...
    Sorry that our kids playing in that room on Monday nights contributed to the fact that you'll be taking it down to move it.
    It's pretty though!

  2. Yeah, we thought it was pretty funny. There would be no room in there for the kids if we put the crib in there. =) But it's fun to have it put together so that we know what it looks like.