Saturday, February 20, 2010

Crib Score!!

We bought our first crib off of Craigslist brand new, still in the box.  The couple (grandparents) had a crib that had been recalled, and they bought our crib brand new with a voucher from their crib company.  Then we bought it, so it was a very mutually beneficial situation.

Today, I saw a listing on Craigslist from someone else with another crib voucher.  She's going to Babies R Us tonight to buy an exact match of our other crib, and we're going to pick it up tomorrow.

If we had bought both of these cribs from Babies R Us ourselves, they would have cost us something like $450 together.  Buying them with these vouchers on Craigslist, we got them both for $295 total.  That makes me very happy, considering that it's virtually impossible to find new cribs on sale or to find any coupons for more than 10% off at Babies R Us.

Good thing we're making room for them, because these babies are growing!!

Taken today - 15.5 weeks

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