Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Working Out During Pregnancy

I haven't had much of an issue with not being able to work out much during my pregnancy so far, because I've been feeling so nauseated all of the time.  There was no way that I was thinking about running or anything more than walking.

 Somehow I don't think I'll be sporting a fuschia leotard and 80s early 90s hairdo like this, though.

Now that the morning sickness (which I still think is a complete misnomer) is waning, I'm starting to want to get back into a more regular workout routine.  I'm not going to be running 5 miles a day or anything, but at least I can do some short videos and long walks (maybe 3-4 miles), which will become more appealing when the weather starts to warm up.  Right now, I don't really enjoy spending much time outside in the freezing cold (and rain).

I guess I figure that while the rest of me is expanding, I might as well try to keep my arms toned.  After all, I'll need them for heavy lifting of two babies for the next couple years.  We'll see how that works out...


  1. I'm so glad the "morning" sickness is going away.

  2. I totally think that the fuschia leotard makes the workout official...
    Glad you are finally feeling better!

  3. Glad to hear you are beginning to feel better. Hopefully the morning sickness will completely go away in the next couple of weeks.